"Stanley-Whitman House," pen & watercolor by Christopher Thelin. 

2023 CT's Historic Gardens Day Poster Contest Winner Announced

Connecticut’s Historic Gardens is pleased to announce artist Christopher Thelin of Farmington, CT as the winner of the 9th annual Historic Gardens Day Poster Art Contest.

Stanley Whitman House is a pen and watercolor depiction of the garden on the west side of the house. Mr. Thelin states: “While it isn't the biggest historical garden in Connecticut (or even in Farmington!), The Stanley-Whitman House garden is meticulously cared for and provides a place for quiet contemplation and refuge. This depiction is based on an afternoon visit my wife and I made a few years back. It was during a difficult time in the pandemic, but we came away a little better for having spent time there. I hope to convey the variety of colors, flowers, herbs, and life that we saw that day, and a reminder that even when things are tough, this world still has beauty and goodness worth cultivating."

Christopher Thelin is an engineer at Pratt & Whitney by day, but loves painting and co-authoring children's books in his spare time. He grew up in Virginia, went to school in Utah, and now he and his wife Rachel love exploring Connecticut with their little dog, Louie. He also has lifelong obsessions with books, the outdoors, and dinosaurs.

Click on the image above to see the full painting and press release.

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