"Through the Rose Arch," acrylic painting (11 x 17 in.) by Michelle Hawran of Windsor, CT. 

2024 CT's Historic Gardens Day Poster Contest Winner Announced

Connecticut’s Historic Gardens is pleased to announce artist Michelle Hawran of Windsor, CT as the winner of the 10th annual Historic Gardens Day Poster Art Contest.

Through the Rose Arch is a lush, vibrant view of the Butler-McCook House & Garden in Hartford, Connecticut. "The image is a conglomeration of a photo from the Butler-McCook Facebook page that I cropped and recomposed," stated Ms. Hawran, "as well as my own addition of what it would look like through the rose arch positioned in front of it."

Michelle Hawran is a visual artist born, raised, and based in Windsor, Connecticut. She is known for her dizzying acrylic and oil paintings depicting nostalgic memories of people and places, aiming to capture the joyful feeling of living in the moment. Since graduating with a BFA from the University of Connecticut in 2016, Michelle splits her time between creating colorful paintings of her family's past, crafting meaningful works for her clients of their family memories, and teaching all mediums of art at the Windsor Art Center.

CHG Day is
June 23, 2024

CT's Historic Gardens Day
Sunday / 12:00 - 4:00 pm 

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