Lilies at the Webb Deane Stevens Gardens – True and Otherwise

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Gardeners, if asked about a plant with lily like blossoms, are apt to ask “Is this a true lily?” This question sounds rather medieval, harkening back to true knights and true quests but actually this question grows out of the … Continued

Reflections on Early September Gardens at Webb Deane Stevens

Early September is the last of the transition periods in the garden. Summer is still in full display. The phlox are in outrageous bloom, the long trumpets of the Plantagenet hosta still perfume the garden, the summer annuals – cosmos … Continued

Seed Gathering – Late Summer in the Amy Cogswell Garden at Webb Deane Stevens

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The Amy Cogswell Garden at Webb Deane Stevens is rich in self sown flowers. Some have crept in from surrounding gardens and from acquired mulch but many are specified in the garden’s plan. One of the reseeding plants specified by Amy … Continued

Autumn Musings

Many thanks to Rose Riley, Master Gardner, Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, Wethersfield, CT Rose wrote this in early December, sorry about the delay in posting…although with the warm weather, hopefully much is the same! Autumn Musings Autumn always makes me mindful of spring. … Continued

What’s Blooming at the Webb Deane Stevens Museum?

Thank you Rose Riley, Master Gardener  at the Webb Deane Stevens Museum for this post. After dawdling for 6 weeks, spring is now racing to summer!  As a gardener I love long slow springs with enough time to savor every … Continued

The Arrival of Autumn

by Rose Riley | September 2014 The garden is about anticipation. The first warm day heralds a summer of days to come; the first snow drop a garden of lilies. Gardeners are always waiting for the next plant to come … Continued